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Door In Belgian Electric On-road Championship Rd2 7 mei 2017 205 downloads

The Formula class attracted 11 drivers. Despite the lower turnout, the quality of the drivers is quite high, as the grid was filled with three ETS A-main finalists – Olivier Buyltinck, Steve Deblaere and Nicolas Delisé. Local drivers Patrick Jongenelis and Marc Martens were however keen to exploit their track advantage to the fullest. Because both Steve and Olivier missed the first race, they had to start in the second heat. Steve Deblaere (Serpent) was however unaffected by this and set the pace in Q1. He was five seconds clear of Florian Joos (Shepherd) and the outsider Bjorn Frederickx. In A2, Steve went even faster and recorded a 16 lapper in 505, some five seconds faster than his first run. Florian Joos recorded almost the same time and found himself in P2, in front of Patrick Jongenelis (Serpent) and Olivier Buyltinck (Shepherd), who was struggling with the tyre prep in the colder weather. Steve took Q3 as well, and with a time of 16 in 503 he took P1 on the grid. He was followed by Florian Joos, an outstanding Bjorn Frederickx, Olivier Buyltinck and Patrick Jongenelis. The top 5 were covered by only five seconds, so the finals would prove to be interesting.

The start of A1 was quite eventful as the drivers weren’t able to do a warm-up lap and had to line up on the grid immediately. The biggest victim was Florian, who went sideways in the first corner and was passed by the entire field. To aggravate the situation even further, he couldn’t defend his chances as his battery wasn’t fully charged. Meanwhile, Steve took the hole shot, but Olivier proved his skill and passed Bjorn for P2. He started challenging Steve, but Steve claimed A1 in front of Ollie, Patrick, Frans Engelen (Xray) and Florian. A2 was a bit more eventful as Olivier was whipped out at the start and had to attack from the back of the field. Steve was leading dominantly in front of Florian and Patrick. Patrick passed Florian for P2 and Olivier claimed P4 in front of Frans Engelen who drove a very solid A2 as well. A3 then saw yet another victory of Steve in front of Olivier, Patrick and Bjorn who finally had an event-free final. Frans claimed a strong P5 again. The final results were Steve Deblaere (Serpent), Olivier Buyltinck (Shepherd), Patrick Jongenelis (Serpent), Florian Joos (Shepherd) and Frans Engelen (Xray).