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Door In Belgian Electric On-road Championship Rd2 7 mei 2017 202 downloads

Touring Stock was the strongest class of the weekend with 24 drivers. Because of the fast and flowing nature of the track, the racing would prove to be very competitive and exciting in this class where the top speeds are virtually identical. Once again it became clear that racing and free practice are two different things. During the free practice in the warmer conditions, Florian Joos’s Tamiya was the car to beat. With a laptime of 17.34 he was clearly faster than the other drivers. Sunday however, in the colder conditions, Vincent Van Gansen (Xray) set the pace. The young driver lead the way but he was followed on a shoe-string by Florian Joos, Stefan Rommens (Team Magic), Peter Degrande’s VBC and Christophe Charlier (Awesomatix). Q2 was a disaster for Florian as his mechanic fried his car’s speed controller before the start. Vincent took a blistering start but rolled his car at the entry of the pit straight. This let Stefan Rommens in the lead, and Stefan tried to claim P1. Vincent however was having none of it and started to claw back to the top, but in the end Stefan took Q2. Q3 proved to be a thriller. Vincent took off in P1, and he was followed by Stefan and Christophe Charlier. Because of his DNF in Q2, Florian had to start in the last position. The four drivers exchanged the lead over and over again and in the end it was Florian who claimed P1 by 0.15 in front of Vincent, Stefan, Peter and Christophe.

All drivers had the utmost respect for each other and this was clearly visible during the finals. There were some great passes but zero contact. It was a great showcase for our sports. In A1 Florian took the early lead and Vincent followed him closely. The latter had to fend off the attacks from Stefan and Peter however and this gave Florian the opportunity to open a gap. Stefan made a great move in the esses after the straight and took P2. Vincent however was keen to take his P2 back and made a great move when entering the straight to claim P2 in front of Stefan, Peter and Christophe. A2 was a thriller as Florian, Vincent, Stefan and Peter followed in each others slipstream for five minutes. They finished in the same order as they started, but the crowds really loved watching this final. As Florian already bagged the overall victory, he went for a more conventional setup, which made his car a bit easier to drive but slower as well. Florian and Vincent were able to break away from Stefan. When Florian took a different line entering the hairpin corner, Vincent was unsettled and ran too wide over the kerb. This let Stefan close the gap again and soon he was on Vincent’s rear bumper. Stefan took a slightly tighter line entering the main straight and was able to pass Vincent for P2. He soon started to put pressure on Florian and when Florian made an error Stefan took over the lead. Vincent followed in Stefan’s slipstream but Stefan kept his cool and claimed A3. This gave the final top 5 ranking of Florian Joos (Tamiya), Vincent Van Gansen (Xray), Stefan Rommens (Team Magic), Peter Degrande (VBC Racing) and Christophe Charlier (Awesomatix).