default Uitslagen Pro-Ten Stock 10.5T Blinky



In the non-boosted 10.5T Stock class it was reigning RC-Lemans champion Rainer Schad with the overall TQ courtesy of winning Q1 and Q3 while former champion, Sascha Lennartz had to settle for 2nd on the grid with one round win in front of another qualifying round winner, Mathijs Hermens. In the opening wet A1 Rainer scored an unfortunate DNF while Roy Pie took the win coming from 6th on the grid. Mathijs and Timo came in 2nd and 3rd for now. A2 then saw Rainer with a tone-to-tone win, conserving his chances for the overall as Jon de Kok and Sascha Lennartz made up the top 3. A3 started with a 5-horse race for the overall win and ultimately it was Sascha who was the third winner in the triple mains from a strong Roy Pie and Mathijs Hermens. With a win and a 2nd place finish it was Roy who would take his maiden win in the RC-Lemans Series from Sascha and Mathijs in 2nd and 3rd respectively.