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The Belgian Stock nats have been a battle between the Xrays of Vincent Van Gansen and Giovanni Moguez with Vincent holding the upper hand so far. At the fast Rucphen track, Peter Degrande (Awesomatix) and Stefan Rommens (Yokomo) always are dangerous outsiders to recon with. This time they were joined by former ETS A-main finisher Nicolas Delisé and French Stock front runner Manuel Wagner. Manu and Nicolas had to start from the slower 2nd group, but they did so in style by setting the fastest times of their groups, Manu 3 seconds faster then Nicolas. When Vincent started his qualifier, it was clear however he would be the man to beat. His third lap was an 15.853, a new Touring Stock track record for Rucphen. He dully continued to set the fastest FTD of the track with a 19 in 508. Giovanni did everything he could, but only managed a P2.

Q2 seemed to be a blue print of Q1 with Vincent pushing hard right from the start. Twi laps before the end of his run, his car started to accelerate erratically. Giovanni smelled that Vincent had a problem and drove the wheels off his car. He missed the TQ by only 0.02 with Manu a further 0.4 behind. This result meant that Vincent now had the overall TQ and that he could sit out Q3. Because the other racers weren’t sure of their grid positions, they had to run the last qualifier and thus handing Vincent an even greater advantage, so the top 5 after the qualifying was Vincent Van Gansen, Giovanni Moguez (Xray), Manu Wagner (Xray), Nicolas Delisé (Xray) and Peter Degrande (Awesomatix).

Vincent’s tyre strategy paid dividends and he dully won A1 by nearly 4 seconds over Giovanni Moguez. Manu Wagner was the biggest victim of a first corner pile-up and he had to retire his car. Nicolas Delisé inherited P3 and he kept it until the finish. He was followed by Peter Degrande and a very strong Stefan Rommens (Yokomo).

A2 started as a thriller. Giovanni took a brilliant start and jumped in the lead on the first corner. Vincent gave Giovanni enough room as both these drivers have huge respect for each other. Vincent chased Gio down and kept in his slipstream for the following three laps. Giovanni then made a rare error and rolled his car on a kerb. This promoted Manu in P2 and set Giovanni back to P8. Gio started to claw his way back to the front and set fastest lap after fastest lap, his pace only hampered when passing backmarkers. He finished in Manu’s slipstream while Vincent took a great and deserved victory. Nicolas Delisé and Peter Degrande finished in P4 and P5 respectively.

As Vincent sat out A3, Giovanni easily won this last final and set his personal best laptime of the finals. Giovanni was handed an easy victory when on lap two several cars touched. Stefan Rommens handily avoided the wreckage and finished the final in P2. The battle for P3 was a great one, with Peter Degrande finally winning it from Xavier Debroye (Xray) and Manu Wagner, all finishing withing .6 of a second. The final ranking was Vincent Van Gansen, Giovanni Moguez (Xray), Peter Degrande (Awesomatix), Stefan Rommens (Yokomo) and Nicolas Delisé (Xray). Just like Peter, Manu Wagner had 7 points, but he finished in P6.