Aan het laden...

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Just like in most other series, the Formula class is a bit down in popularity recently. Young Liam Van de Wouwer proved however that it still is a fun and competitive class to race in as he put his Xray on pole. Liam not only had good fastest lap pace, but also a very good pace over the full seven minutes of racing. For the first time this season, Olli Bultyinck had to settle for P2 on the grid while Niels Meurs (Roche), Kris Vanbleu (Xray) and Ludo Van Hoeydonck (Tamiya) rounded off the top 5. In the finals Olli held the upper hand by fully exploiting his experience and race craft. Liam always managed to keep the lead on lap 1. Olivier however exploited the small openings Liam left to take the lead. Liam always finished within four to five seconds of Olivier which is a great performance in itself. Kris Vanbleu, Niels Meurs and Ludo Van Hoeydonck rounded off the top 5.