default Uitslag ec10 Formule 1 Populair




Formula was another hotly contested class. Everyone expected Olivier Bultynck to take the TQ honors, but in the end it was French champion Willy Voisangrin who put his Serpent on the TQ position. The new and much improved Volante tires that were run at the last ETS round in Trencin were outlawed at the last moment for this race. This decision meant the cars were more tricky to drive. Willy managed to get in three TQ runs, while Oli got the other two. Steve Deblaere (Serpent) qualified in P3 in front of youngster Liam Van de Wouwer (Xray) and French driver Ghislain Mantrand (Xray).

Before the start of the finals, Oli had an in-depth conversation with Krist Bultynck, his race engineer, and they went for a completely different setup. The gamble paid off as Oli was fast from the start. Willy did his best to defend his position, but when he ran a bit wide exiting the omega corner in lap one, Oli saw his opportunity and passed Willy. Steve also benefited from this situation to pass Willy, with young Liam Van de Wouwer hot on his heels. Willy managed to pass Steve again, who was closely followed by Liam and Bjorn Frederickx, who had a solid run for P5. A2 was almost a carbon copy of A1 with Oli passing Willy on lap 1 again. He set a string of fast lap times to create a cushion and managed his race afterwards. Willy was followed by Steve, Ghislain Mantrand and Bjorn Frederickx. Liam only finished in P7 after a too eager move from another racer, but he showed some great race craft by recovering from dead last. As Olli decided to sit out A3, the race for the remaining podium positions was wide open. Willy took the hole shot and convincingly won A3 in front of Steve, who had to fight off a very strong Liam for 5 minutes. Bjorn and Ghislain rounded off the top 5. The overall positions were: Olivier Bultynck (Shepherd), Willy Voisangrin (Serpent), Liam Van de Wouwer (Xray), Steve Deblaere (Serpent) and Ghislain Mantrand (Xray).