default MRCZ 1/12 spec Populair


As the MRCZ is a club with many 1/12th scale drivers, this class was the second biggest with 16 entries. Benedict Vantomme but a car he designed himself (VCD) on pole in front of Rico Claeys (VCD), Kevin Degrendele (Roche), Kenny Almey (VCD) and Ian Bekaert (Schumacher). Benedict and Rico each took a win in A1 and A2, so A3 would decide the overall victory. After an intense fight for 8 minutes, Benedict held the upper hand and collected the most precious silverware. Rico Claeys claimed the runner-up spot while Kenny Almey completed the VCD podium. Young Ian Bekaert put his Schumacher on P4 in front of Kevin Degrendele (Roche).